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Monterey Pine, yearly maintenence

Here is a lovely tree, it’s shaped like an Italian Stone Pine, or Pinus pinea, but it’s actually a Monterey Pine. CCTD has us maintain this tree once a year since it is in a very small back yard in the Marina District. I think the before and after pictures speak for themselves. Italian Stone […]

Big Pine, high voltage

This has been the third year I’ve worked on this site as an employee of Christopher Campbell Tree Design (CCTD). I’m grateful for having learned about safety from Mr. Campbell, the safety master. Campbell has shown me the importance of call and response, always keeping a clear line of communication between the ground crew and […]

Black Acacia needs regular maintenence

This is a tree that has been regularly maintained to preserve the neighbor’s view of the marina. Today me and Fetter spent about three hours getting this tree back into shape. We brought it down about 10 feet. We’ll be back next year to do it all over again.

Chris Fetter, to the rescue

Chris Fetter is an artist and a fine tree trimmer. He’s been working for Campbell Tree Design for 6 years now. Check out his amazing work here. This picture to the right shows the tree before. On the left is the artist carefully choosing his next cut. Fetter’s wearing a scowl, but he’s one of […]

Many Eucaliptuses on a hill

Today was a hard, but fun day for me. The goal was to create a better view for the client and make the hillside safer in case of a fire. Since we were working on a hill one of the biggest challenges was moving the brush. We used ropes to help us get up and […]

7 Privets

The boys and I had our work cut out for us today. The job: make seven overgrown Privet street trees into a lacy canopy. I put together a fine crew. Ricky, Sean, and I pruned while Mikey and Surge supervised the ground. Despite the loud generator noises from the PGE truck, we had a good […]

Me in a Monterey Cypress

Here I am in a Monterey Cypress in Alamo Square Park in San Francisco. Matt Colugiari took the picture. It’s posed. We went out with the sole purpose of getting a picture of me for publication. So, I’m not actually working in this tree. Monterey Cypress, Cupressus macrocarpa are among my favorite trees to climb. […]