Big Pine, high voltage

This has been the third year I’ve worked on this site as an employee of Christopher Campbell Tree Design (CCTD). I’m grateful for having learned about safety from Mr. Campbell, the safety master.

Campbell has shown me the importance of call and response, always keeping a clear line of communication between the ground crew and the climbers. The more eyes the better. Safety always comes first.

If you look closely or click on the picture at the left, you can see me working above the high voltage lines. It was very important that my tie in point be strong, that I communicate all of my actions loudly and clearly, and that I have complete control over every cut that must come down. You don’t want to mess with high voltage.

Four years ago I was working in Pacific Heights with CCTD. I was on the ground crew. Suddenly there was a giant explosion. All of us could feel the electricity in the air. All of our climbers came whizzing down to the ground. 200 yards away another crew was working over the high voltage lines. Someone had accidentally dropped a branch and it must have connected the positive and the negative lines. Fortunately no one got hurt. PG&E had to come out and restore the power.