Many Eucaliptuses on a hill

Today was a hard, but fun day for me. The goal was to create a better view for the client and make the hillside safer in case of a fire.

Since we were working on a hill one of the biggest challenges was moving the brush. We used ropes to help us get up and down the incline. Pictured to the right is Jordan, modeling the rope system. He’s Christopher Campbell’s newest crew member.

These trees were approximately 40 foot Eucalyptus globulus, Blue Gums. These fast growing trees from Australia can grow up to 90 feet in their first ten years. After15 years the growth rates slow down significantly.

The fast growing Blue Gums are one of the four main trees used as the original overstory for the creation of Golden Gate Park. The other three are the Torrey Pine, the Monterey Pine, and the Monterey Cypress.

Check out this link:

Instead of climbing up and down each tree, I jumped from one canopy to another and then reattached my line in the new tree. I love doing that. I feel like a monkey.

Here’s a picture of Mikey felling some of the trees. He loves his chainsaw.

We needed to thin out the grove for fire safety too. The bark of the Blue Gum is thin and sheds easily. It’s also highly flammable.

Here’s a before and after picture…

The client lives up on the hill. Here’s the view that he’s been
missing. . . what a beautiful winter day in San Francisco.

It took 8 hours and 8 guys and three truck loads of debris.

7 Privets

Squat-and-Gobble-on-Filmore-7-Privets-009 Squat-and-Gobble-on-Filmore-7-Privets-011The boys and I had our work cut out for us today. The job: make seven overgrown Privet street trees into a lacy canopy. I put together a fine crew. Ricky, Sean, and I pruned while Mikey and Surge supervised the ground. Despite the loud generator noises from the PGE truck, we had a good day.

Me in a Monterey Cypress


Here I am in a Monterey Cypress in Alamo Square Park in San Francisco. Matt Colugiari took the picture. It’s posed. We went out with the sole purpose of getting a picture of me for publication. So, I’m not actually working in this tree.

Monterey Cypress, Cupressus macrocarpa are among my favorite trees to climb. They are really tall, and really sturdy. We never work on them when it is damp. Working in a damp Cypress can spead Cypress Canker. So if I’m working in a Cypress it’s probably a beautiful day and I can see for miles.