Lophostemon confertus (formerly Tristania conferta)

The client wanted a major reduction. This poor tree had already been abused by a hack tree trimmer. They left many large stubs which had sprouted vertically making the tree extremely dense and unnatural looking. Normally one shouldn’t remove more than one third of the canopy when trimming a tree. This tree is an exception. Our goal was to reduce the size and restore a more manageable structure. In a few years, after two more prunings, this tree will look perfect. It can take several years to restore a topped tree.

Lophostemon confertus is another Australian import often used as a street tree in San Francisco. It is commonly called the Brisbane Box, also Brush Box, Queensland Box, and Vinegar Tree. I call it a Brisbane Box. It’s in the same family as the Eucalyptus, Myrtaceae, but has a denser foliage and gives more shade.

This tree isn’t very showy, but the shape can be interesting if pruned naturally. They are quite disease resistant, but don’t like constant wind.

Here is a picture of its persistent fruit capsules. Persistent means that it doesn’t fall off the tree.

These trees grow very tall and fast. They can grow to be 60 t0 90 feet. Unfortunately they often get planted under power lines and then get butchered, topped.

A very pretty flower, but not very noticeable.