Olive Tree in the Marina District

Today’s goal: natural flow pruning and shaping. The client wanted to have a more refined looking tree, not so wild as olives like to grow. So we managed to give it shape while still keeping some of the natural, wild olive feel.

We spent a lot of time cleaning up stubs left over by the last tree pruner. Stubs left on a tree from pruning are unhealthy for the tree. It takes a lot longer and a lot more energy to heal these wounds. A proper cut heals much faster. The faster a tree heals its wounds, the better chances it has defending itself against disease entering through the wound.

Many professional tree trimmers leave stubs because it takes longer and is more difficult to make proper cuts. Time is money. Proper tree care is a good investment. My clients care about the health of their trees. They want their trees to last so that future generations can benefit from them as well.

We started getting rained on at the end of the day. I love these spring storms.